Nihon X50 Nakiri Knife16cm / 6.5in

This 16cm Nakiri knife is used for slicing vegetables and has a thin blade with a straight blade edge that allows you to cut right through to the chopping board in one clean, vertical movement.

In a nod to its provenance the nakiri knife design comes from the Japanese ‘nakiri bocho’ meaning ‘knife for cutting greens’. The straight blade is evenly ground on both sides making it superior for use with vegetables as slices fall away easily and don’t stick together.

Inspired by Japanese tradition, Nihon knives possess strength and pinpoint precision for the best performance. The knives in this range have a stainless-steel blade with a super-sharp cutting edge which is stone ground by hand, and a rear bolster for perfect balance. Coupled with a smooth European Beech handle these knives are superbly comfortable to hold and a joy to use.

The stainless steel used in the Nihon range is referred to as X50CrMoV15 and contains 0.5% carbon for outstanding edge retention. 15% chrome (Cr15) provides high corrosion resistance making the steel more resilient to tarnishing and general stains, and molybdenum and vanadium (MoV) further strengthen the blade and improve stain resistance. The Rockwell hardness rating of these blades is 55±2.

Top tip: This nakiri has a flat bolster which is ideal for crushing garlic. Place the bolster on your garlic clove and give it one small thump before peeling or chopping.

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