Product Description

The Vileda Turbo Spin Mop, with foot pedal operated wringer, helps you to thoroughly clean your floors with minimal effort. Featuring a microfibre mop head with distinct red strands for extra Particle pick up and a deep down clean, in fact it will remove 99.9 percentage of bacteria from your floor with just water*

To wring the Vileda Turbo mop, place the wet mop into the wringer and hold the handle loosely between your fingers (to allow it to spin freely). Make sure the handle is in a vertical position. Press the foot pedal 5-10 times to spin the wringer or until the mop has reached the desired moisture. Always ensure that you do not fill above the “Max” indicator on the inside of the bucket as this will prevent the mop from wringing correctly.

Replacement mop heads are available to purchase separately.

* Research by an independent, accredited institute for microbiology and immunology.



Polyester Microfibre 64%, Polyester 21%, Polyamide 15%, *red Fibres Pick Up 20% More Particles Than White Fibres In Laboratory Tests

Box Contains

1 x Easy Wring Turbo mop bucket with spin wringer1 x Telescopic Handle1 x Microfiber Mop Head

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