If you struggle to get rice just the way you like it, or need to stand over the pot to keep an eye on it, achieve perfection by leaving all the hard work to the VonShef 700W Rice Cooker. With its powerful motor, non-stick pot and a one-touch function, this compact cooker is powerful enough to make up to 8 cups of fluffy rice in just 20 – 25 minutes.

Non-Stick Cooking Pot

With a non-stick inner pot, you can cook with confidence knowing your rice will be evenly and thoroughly cooked. It also prevents grains becoming stuck to the pot – ideal for quick and easy cleaning.

The removable pot makes loading rice easier and minimises the chance of spilling any tiny grains. The inside of the cooking pot features a handy measurement system to indicate where the water level should be for different amounts of rice.

Plus, the rice cooker includes a measuring cup and instruction manual with clear measurement guidelines to help you cook just the right amount of rice you want.

The glass lid with steam vent ensures moisture is kept within the cooking pot while making sure it doesn’t boil over.

Keep Warm Function

Simple control panel lets you know whether the appliance is in ‘cooking’ mode or ‘keep warm’ mode.

Simply press cook to start the process, and the keep warm function will automatically activate once cooking has finished – great it you’re not ready to eat right away or want to come back for a second serving.

Power: 700W

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