Treat guests to a pot of piping hot tea, coffee or soup with this superb 3-litre flask.

What a great solution for serving a group of people. The Air Flask is perfect for keeping beverages hot – or cold – and is big enough to serve dozens of drinks from one filling. Using it is simplicity itself. Just top up with the liquid of your choice, seal it up and let everyone help themselves.

The stainless steel double-wall construction means it will keep your drinks at the right temperature for hours – ideal for picnics, garden parties and buffets. Especially useful if you’re going somewhere where you’re unlikely to have access to a kettle or hob.

The Air Flask features a safety lock and carrying handle so you can transport it easily without spilling a drop. The generous 5-litre capacity tank is good for large groups and it’s so simple to use – just press the button on top.


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