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VANWALK Jump Ropes Fitness with Counter

Do you still use the traditional jump rope and count the jump yourself?

Are you using the old skipping rope too long or too short for your height?

Do you stay away from your old skipping rope so as not to be hit by the rope?

Does your old skipping rope slip easily when your hands are sweaty?

The VANWALK jump rope solves all problems for you!

1.This digital wireless skipping rope has a built-in timer, calorie and jump counter, and helps you lose weight quickly without the need for skill or coordination.

2. Don’t worry that you have to trip over the rope as no previous knowledge or coordination is required to operate this digital jump rope. Just set the timer and start .

3.This rope records calorie consumption, number of jumps and time based on the weight of the user, so you can always keep an eye on your exercise program.

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