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Silicone Utensils Kitchen Durable 10 Pieces With Whisk, Brush, Large Scraper, Small Scraper, Spoon, Kitchen Tongs, Drain shovel, Powder catch, Butter spatula, Drain spoon

Features :
*Durable, They simply won’t discolor, warp, melt or chip like old plastic kitchen utensils or bamboo kitchen utensils.
*Made of environment friendly, non-toxic and 100% BPA free food grade silicone; FDA approved.
*Do not hurt the containers do not waste.
*Anti-skid, anti-hot, beautiful curves.
*Non-stick silicone is literally the easiest substance to clean.
*Healthy life, healthy and high temperature resistance.
*High quality stainless steel, matte surface treatment, comfortable and not hurt the hand.
*Hole for easy hanging storage. No noise when cooking, fashion utensils.

*Color: Red/Black/Green
*Size&Weight: The sizes are manual measurement, so there may have some little error.
*Whisk: 10 inch, 40g
*Brush: 8.2*1.4 inch, 40g
*Large Scraper: 11.2*2.2 inch, 102g
*Small Scraper: 8.1*1.6 inch, 40g
*Spoon: 11.2*3.4 inch94g
*Kitchen Tongs: 10.9 inch 122g
*Drain shovel: 11.7*3.0 inch 80g
*Powder catch: 11.1*2.0 inch 72g
*Butter spatula: 10.5*2.3 inch 71g
*Drain spoon: 10.7*2.3 inch 74g

Package Included :
*1 x Whisk
*1 xBrush
*1 x Large Scraper
*1 x Small Scraper
*1 x Spoon
*1 x Kitchen Tongs
*1 x Drain shovel
*1 x Powder catch
*1 x Butter spatula
*1 x Drain spoon

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