Product Description

Easy as 1-2-3

Duo Evo Plus

Take the guess work out of cooking. The large LCD display provides everything you need to know about cooking time, temperature, pressure and status, among others. Time to start cooking:

  1. Press a button to select a Smart Program
  2. Turn the simple centre dial to choose from one of 48 pre-set options or customize your preferred time and temperature
  3. Press Start


What’s new for you?

Duo Evo plus


The Duo Evo Plus introduces a whole host of newness:

  • The new pressure cooker lid automatically seals when in place. Just listen for the jingle and then go and relax.
  • A new flat bottom stove top friendly inner pot is ideal for sautéing, and the two easy-grip handles ensure you can safely move it between appliances.
  • The addition of sous vide takes your culinary skills to the next level and lets you impress your guests with one of the hottest new cooking trends.


Healthy meals on the run

duo evo plus

With the Duo Evo Plus, you can get nutritious dinners on the table quicker with cooking time up to 70% faster than traditional methods. And a one pot meal makes clean up quick and easy.

A trusted friend

The Instant Pot family always puts safety first and the Duo Evo Plus is no exception. With 10+ built-in safety features including Overheat Protection and Safety Lid Lock, the Duo Evo Plus brings the most trusted name in electric pressure cookers to your kitchen.

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