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MEXERRIS 2th Generation 410ML Spray Mop – Upgrade, Reinforced, Reliable!
MEXERRIS always believed that if you don’t move ahead, then you will be left behind. We never stop improved, upgrade our products, even same item, if you order same product at different time, it may be a little different about the quality and construction, we make them better and better.

To lengthen the trigger lifespan, we applied hard and sturdier PP material, so it can bear daily frequently squeeze use.
The Handle is also one of the important part of mop, different with other mop’s stainless steel handle, we applied high purity, thicker aluminum material, won’t feel flimsy and sturdier than ever before.
We aware of your worries about the leaking problem of spray mop, our Technic team has upgrade the sprayer system and especially the bottle, fully sealed design, say goodbye to leaking bottle.
Our sprayer nozzle spraying evenly mist, features fan-shaped mist, cover wider area, cleaning your floor effortless, be your good helper, efficient your daily housework!
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Cost Saving Reusable Mop Pads
The reusable mop pads can be washed 100+ times without wear out.
Save your costing from disposal pads, one reusable pads equal to 100+ disposable pads.
You could choose either hand wash or machine wash. Save planet from your household habits now!
Better Way Of Professional Cleaning
Two Microfiber Pads Plus One Chenille Pads
Stopped pushing dirt around! Microfiber mop pads made from top grade micro-fiber, features grip fiber loop, easy to remove stains and efficient in tackling any hard-clean job.
Chenille material, knowing as it high water absorption, upon experiment, it built in higher water absorption and higher ability of locking water. Chenille pad is efficient in soaking water, and perfect for dry cleaning or scrubbing
Core of cleaning – 3 of Improved mop pads, you will always have spare one in your house
To Achieve better cleaning effect, our pads are thicker, larger compare to same item in market,.
With its’ Velcro backing, the mop base is easy to attach on, replaced mop pads easily
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