A package of 173 blackboard labels is so versatile it can be used anywhere at home

Suitable for jam, jelly, spices and herbal jars; Tin cans for coffee and tea.

Put on these sweet stickers to your boring condiments tanks, plastic food guards and make your kitchen pantry and cabinets more attractive.

What’s so cool, the labels are not just for the kitchen, but also other things you can do with them!

In the garden: Put name badges on your flowerpots, it will not only add beauty, but also help you easily identify the plants.

At school and in the office: For the scrapbook, folder, message board, filing cabinets.

You can also personalize your crafts and gifts with these funny chalkboard stickers

Write, stick and wipe!

These chalkboard labels are provided with 2 chalk markers.


A new pen tip was dry, please shake it first and squeeze the pen tip.

Do not worry if it takes a few minutes to fill the tip with ink,

Let us assure you that it is worth the wait and it will be love at first sight.

Supere combination of labels and chalk markers
173 Different shapes and sizes, reusable and waterproof blackboard stickers for mason jars, kitchen / pantry and office organization with white and yellow markers.

Perfect self-adhesive labels for labeling needs
Keep everything alright with these helpful labels. Suitable for all types of glass and bottle materials such as plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, metal and more. They are repositionable, washable and endlessly reusable.

Super easy and cheap
With a variety of shapes such as circle, oval, rectangle, square and more, labeling becomes very easy in just 3 easy steps: writing, peeling and sticking. Easy to clean stains by simply wiping with a damp towel.

Premium quality
The surface does not become shiny or slippery; Strong and durable. These are made of PVC material other than paper.

Erasable and reusable
No matter how many mistakes you made, just wipe with a damp cloth and write again. As long as the adhesive layer is not damaged, it can be reused at any time.

Multiple Size for your choice
Get small (1.69 x 1.1 inches), medium (2.4 x 1.5 inches), and large (3.5 x 1.7 inches) with more than 10 fancy and classic template designs to label anything and everything.

Perfect supplement
In addition to the labels, there are also two chalk markers, white and yellow. Much better than chalk! He works on blackboard stickers or any non-porous surface.

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