Product description

Colour Name:White  |  Style Name:Four Slice

Product Description

Colour Name:Cream | Style Name:Four Slice Product Description Make a elegant statement on your kitchen counter with the Inspire Four Slice Black Toaster. Combining a classic, clean black with a strong stainless steel – this toaster adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Be drawn in by its distant design of entrancing, textured ripples that endlessly wrap around every aspect. With four large slots it’s an ideal size to bond over breakfast with those that matter most. So switch off from the world, push down the lever and get back to truly enjoying life with a delicious breakfast. The Inspire four slice black toaster has a button for every function. With a defrost feature to make a speedy slice of toast straight from frozen and a cancel button to save your toast from burning. The Inspire four slice toaster also comes with a reheat setting for those hectic days, when you need to heat up your toast to a time that’s more convenient for you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we think you should be able to enjoy your toast just the way you like it. That’s why the Inspire four slice toaster has been designed with a variable browning control feature so you can enjoy your toast just to your tasting. The Inspire four slice toaster brings convenience to your kitchen with its high Lift feature, allowing you to effortlessly check the browning of your toast without having to cancel the cycle. And if convenience wasn’t enough to impress you, the lift and look feature also ensures safety in the kitchen, letting you remove your toast without toasting your fingers. Box Contains 1 x Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Inspire Toaster, Black Instruction manual.

Note: Put bread into the toasting slots as follows:
• 1-2 slices: Put the bread into the left hand slots then press the left hand lever down.
• 3-4 slices: Put the bread into the left and right hand slots then press the left hand lever down first, and then the right hand lever.
• The toaster will not latch if you press the right hand lever first.


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