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Package include
3 X Stainless steel cookie scoops

Large: About 6 cm /2.36 inches
Medium: About 5 cm /1.97 inches
Small: About 4 cm / 1.57 inches

Chef Quality: You can be confident of food safety, strength, and durability with these high quality kitchen tools for cooking and baking.

● BEST CHOICE FOR SCOOPING, Make baking time fun in your home. Get all the family involved in some baking fun with our simple squeezy handle.

● FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL 18/8 – For your food safety, Strong, Metal Construction, Antibacterial, Food Safe Premium Stainless Steel. These superior scoops contain no harmful chemicals or toxins to leach into your food.

● DISHWASHER SAFE – Won’t pit, corrode or rust even with repeated washing. Keeps Gleaming Shine Wash After Wash.

● ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Fits comfortably in left or right hand.

● COG AND RATCHET SYSTEM, EASY TO USE – No spring-glides easily without intense pressure

Widely used: Durable and Convenient. Can be used as baking scoop, cookie spoon, melon scoopers, measuring scooper, measuring spoons, ice cream scooper, spice spoon Advantage

(1)All stainless steel for easy clean up and durability and smooth gear operation and sufficient spring action.

(2)Our baking scoop comes with bare steel handles on this model. Some other companies’ scoops have rubber grips covering the handles and the grips on some other brands of scoops can trap food behind the grips that is very difficult to clean away and but can get damaged more easily.

(3)The gauge of the stainless steel is heavy enough to feel and look sturdy and long lasting. The machining and assembly seem quite precise and well done to the designer

(4)Other gear action, however, is nowhere near as smooth as this item’s action. Also, the welding on this item seems more robust and the metal is thicker.

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