Restore blunt blades back to their razor sharp best with the VonShef Two Stage Electric Knife Sharpener.

No more struggling to cut, chop or slice; this high performance sharpener will ensure your knives are always in peak condition with no ragged edges, thanks to its two stage sharpening process.

Easy to use, the sharpener is equipped with two grinding wheels for coarse and fine sharpening, with two slots per grinding wheel for both sides of your knife. Achieving professional results has never been simpler!

Stage 1 is coarse sharpening, which effortlessly sharpens blunt knives back to a cutting edge.

Stage 2 is fine honing, which completes the knife sharpening process by honing and polishing the blade to a precise, smooth edge.

Great for kitchen, bread and sporting knives made from alloy, carbon or stainless steel.

Not just for keeping knives in tip-top condition, this multi-functional sharpener also features a scissor sharpening groove plus a screwdriver sharpening port.

Compact, portable design features handy cord storage with retract button and non-slip suction feet for safety.

Comes with full instruction manual.


Power: 60W

Colour: Black/ red



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