Fun decorating with these small chalkboards! Chalkboards are no longer just for classrooms! When you’re ready to presume a higher level of creativity, use these mini chalkboards to showcase your ideas. You can use it as a message board in your room where you can scribble and write inspiring thoughts. Mini chalkboards can also be used as home welcome signs, such as menus, food labels, walkway signs, in-store advertising signs, as party decorations and souvenirs, as a photo booth backdrop, as a commemorative plaque in the office, as plant labels, as a memo plaque and so on. A small chalkboard sign at each table with interesting details about your party or your restaurant will ensure that your friends and customers will always remember you.

Great way, instead of PAPER – Show your love for Mother Earth by reducing the use of paper and non-reusable signage. Affordable and reusable, these miniature tablets are the natural solution that enables everyone to be creative and practical. Just use a damp cloth to wipe and clean these little sign boards so you can reuse them. These mini chalkboards with chalk markers are just adorable.


10 pieces of rectangle mini plates (size: 10 * 7.5 cm, weight: 13g)

10 pieces polygon mini boards (size: 10 * 7,4 * 0,22 cm; weight: 9g)

20 pieces of stand (size: 5.9 * 5.2 * 0.22: weight: 4g)


Perfect Place Cards


Perfect Place Cards

Our mini blackboards are perfect for any occasion and any topic. These mini chalkboards add the perfect touch of classy elegance without interrupting the color palette. Ideal as place cards, menu cards & name tags for parties

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