A beautifully Japanese inspired VonShef cast iron tea pot makes a wonderful addition to your tea time for any tea lover. Traditionally cast iron teapots are favoured for their elegant design and ability to evenly distribute heat throughout the pot, making your cup of tea even more full of flavour.

This tea pot comes with a mesh infuser insert comes so you can brew your favourite loose tea or use traditional tea bags when making your favourite brew!

Due to the strength of the cast iron construction this tea pot can also be used as a kettle to boil water. If you decide to use this tea pot as a kettle then make sure you remove the infuser first.

To ensure that you get the most out of this tea pot and have it for years to come, then it will need to be rinsed out with boiling water and cleaned and dried after each use.

Please note that that cup and saucer pictured are not included.

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