These robust stockpots are manufactured from heavyweight die-cast which distributes heat evenly.

An innovative Vortex base is designed to cook food faster and more evenly than a regular pot, offering exceptional results day in, day out.

The specialist construction captures and retains the heat, making it extraordinarily efficient, offering supreme heat distribution every time. Marbell, SQ Professional’s unique marble effect coating, gives an extraordinary non-stick performance, allowing you to cook without fat in addition to preventing food from sticking.

A clear tempered glass lid enables you to keep an eye on your cooking while retaining all of the natural goodness and moisture. While the vent allows for steam to escape – preventing soggy overcooked food and a build-up of excessive heat.

These sturdy pots are a must-have for all kitchens!

Size & Capacity:
20 cm 3.0 Litre
24 cm 4.5 Litre
28 cm 7.0 Litre
32 cm 9.0 Litre

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