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easyCHARGE Cordless Iron

Tired of getting tangled up while ironing? Then the easyCHARGE 360 Cordless Iron is the one you’ve been waiting for. With a 360-degree charging base, full reheat in just 25 seconds and temperature controls, you’ll have a stress-free mind and crinkle-free clothing.

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cordless iron, cordless steam iron, iron, red steam iron

steam iron, cordless steam iron

Cut Loose

No more awkwardly positioning your ironing board near a wall socket, or endlessly struggling with a cord that just doesn’t want to behave. Going cordless lets you tackle tough and stubborn creases from any angle and any direction, without having you having to overstretch.

Fire up Fast

Easily charge your cordless iron by docking it from any direction on the 360-degree charging base. It will fully reheat in under 25 seconds, so by the time you’ve pulled a new pair of jeans off the pile, you’re ready to go again.

Easy, breezy

With steam that automatically adjusts to the temperature and a smooth ceramic soleplate that glides across fabrics without friction or snagging, you’ll find it easier than ever to power through your laundry pile.

steam iron, cordless steam iron, iron

steam iron, cordless steam iron, iron

steam iron, cordless steam iron, iron

Upright? Alright!

The cordless design frees you up to use your iron like a vertical steamer, pressing clothes while they’re on the hanger or even refreshing curtains without the pain of taking them down and rehanging.

Press to impress

easyCHARGE Technology – reheat in under 25 seconds. Auto clean feature and ceramic soleplate. Cordless design means it doubles as a vertical steamer. Auto shut-off after 8 minutes of disuse for total peace of mind

It’s amazing what you can do when you aren’t tied down. Say good bye to cords, and say hello to fuss-free, cordless ironing.

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