Granite is one of the hardest surfaces in the world, able to withstand very high temperatures and resist damage to its surface.

These exceptional qualities have been replicated in the Nessa Granum Cookware. Crafted from heavy-weight die cast aluminium, Nessa Granum stockpots provide outstanding cooking results.
Offering unprecedented durability and rigidity, these stylish and robust stockpots are versatile enough to accommodate varying cooking methods.

A clear tempered glass lid enables you to keep an eye on your cooking while retaining succulence, moisture and nutrients in your food.

However, the vent allows for steam to escape – preventing soggy overcooked food and a build up of excessive heat, giving you the perfect balance. Nessa’s tasteful granite effect coating gives extraordinary non-stick performance, allowing you to cook healthy meals without fat in addition to preventing food from sticking.

If you’re looking for stunning cookware that is incredibly long lasting, then the Nessa Granite Stockpot Set is the vital set for you!

Size & Capacity:
20 cm 2.1 Litre
24 cm 4.2 Litre
28 cm 6.3 Litre
30 cm 7.8 Litre
32 cm 9.3 Litre

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