Enjoy a freshly cooked big screen treat in your own home with this quirky popcorn maker.

  • Operates through hot-air circulation, which requires no oil or fats, making your popcorn fat free & a great source of fibre
  • Easy to use. Popcorn maker lid doubles up as a butter melting cup
  • Cool-Touch housing.
  • Measuring spoon and 4 Popcorn Boxes Included
  • Power: 1200W

Popcorn is a fun snack to make with the kids – but it’s surprisingly healthy, too. This super kitchen gadget uses no additional oil producing virtually fat-free popcorn which is an excellent source of fibre. The secret is in the hot-air circulation system which eliminates the need to use butter, drastically reducing the calorie content.

It’s quick and simple to get started. Place a single scoop of kernels in the machine using the measuring cup supplied. Then listen for the first kernels to start popping! You can add flavour during cooking, if you wish, by drizzling salt, sugar or melted butter through the top.

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